Why You Need An Aluminum Patio Cover in California

So why would you choose an aluminum patio cover? Well for starters, if you live in California, Alumawood style covers will be a huge benefit to you. Aluminum patio covers from a company like Good Works Patio are maintenance-free and chances are it will out live you! Check the list below. Do you live here?:

Los Angeles County

San Diego County

Orange County

Riverside County

San Bernardino County

If your reading this blog to learn the benefits of aluminum patio covers, chances are, you DEFINITELY NEED one. Southern California residents are in luck too! Not only do you have warm sunny weather year-round, but you also have one of the most trusted patio cover companies in the nation. And that company name is Good Works Patio.

Good Works Patio

– Source: Good Works Patio on Facebook

Good Works Patio (GWP) is a family owned patio cover company in Southern California and Texas; however, most of their business dealings are in SoCal. Unlike other companies, Good Works Patio exclusively works with aluminum patio covers. They are active in their industry and they have the results to prove it. For such a small team (only two salesmen), they have been able to bring in over $600,000 in sales, just in 2020 alone! What?! That is unbelievably good. Their reputation within the patio cover arena has grown with stride and we applaud them for it.

Good Works Patio on Facebook

Aluminum Patio Cover Benefits:

● Durable – waterproof and weather-resistant, resulting in many years of enjoyment.
● Low Maintenance – naturally resistant to corrosion and rust, meaning it is almost completely maintenance-free.
● Lightweight – no need to worry about the reinforcement of a foundation or supporting structure walls with this strong but lightweight building material.
● Flexible – high flexibility due to a high yield strength gives aluminum an advantage over other building materials.
●Easy To Customize – almost anything and everything is possible with aluminum, all of its features combined make it especially easy to customize and build your dream patio cover.

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Aluminum Patio Cover Suppliers

When it comes to aluminum patio covers, not all are created equal. It is just as important to hire the right contractor as it is to know where your materials are coming from. Below we have listed the manufacturers worth mentioning. From the best to reasonable, with the first two being the best. No need to promote the unqualified.

1. Four Seasons *Highly Recommended

2. Alumawood

3. Duralum

4. United Duralum

5. Luster Cote

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