Beyond a site plan from InstantSitePlan.com, we want to help bring you closer to your projects finish line. These blogs will help move your home project along, give you food-for-thought, and take away the craziness that is home improvement. We will dive into the deep waters of all the tips & tricks so you don’t have to. Have any tips of your own? Comment on one of our posts. We love feed back.

Whether you’re planning to put up a fence, add to your home, build a gazebo, or construct an outdoor project in general, having an accurate site plan is critical. In doing so, you’ll have an in-depth understanding of your property lines from an aerial view. A proper site plan will include five key elements:

  • Property lines to help determine where you can build
  • Primary structure (your home) for planning purposes
  • Scaled lot dimensions for measurement considerations
  • North arrow to ensure you’re looking at the right perspective
  • Measurements between important features 

As a leader in site plans throughout the United States, InstantSitePlan offers dependable, affordable, and immediate site plans to help with your planning efforts.


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